Classes are always in Session! 

Classes are always available
Monday thru Saturday between the hours of 10 and 3pm.
If you see a class you are interested in or want to learn something not currently being offered, please call or email us.
We are happy to schedule a day and time just for you. 

Phone: 704-787-9824 or Email us

1 Hour Class $15/pp
2 Hour Class $25/pp
Beginners Knit or Crochet Class $45/pp


Beginner Knitting Class: Designed to teach what every beginner knitter should learn.  Cast On, Bind Off, Knit & Purl Stitch.  Learn the importance of correct tension, how to define your stitches and more.  (4 hour over 2 sessions $45/pp)

Refresher Knitting Class: Haven't knitted for a while?  Know how to knit but need a little help with techniques.  This is the perfect class for you.  We go at your speed and fill in the gaps where needed.  (Cost - Minimum 2 hours)
Knit Magic Loop Bottle Cover: This is a great way to introduce you to circular knitting and helping to avoid those pesky little side ladders.  A must know technique for our sock class.  (2 hour class $25/pp).
Knit Basic Hat: Welcome to the world of circular knitting.  Make a wonderful hat knitting in the round and learn an easy technique for the cast off.  (2 hour class $25/pp)
Knit Toe-Up Socks: Designed to teach you an amazing way to shape your kitting using 'Short Rows' and W&T and more.  Magic Loop knowledge is a must.  (This is a 4 hour class over 3 visits.  (Cost is $45/pp.
Supplies Needed for each class:  Time, instruction, patterns are provided with each class.  We ask that you purchase your yarn at A Kiwi's Yarn for each class taken.  If you have the remaining supplies, please feel free to bring them.  Thank you. 

In Need of Project Help?

Do you need help with your current project?
Dropped stitches, Mistakes OR
trouble understanding a pattern?
We are here to help!  Call ahead to book your time.

A QUICK FIX up to 10 minutes - FREE
30 minutes $8
1 hour $15


In addition to being fun and creative, knitting has health benefits too!
It reduces stress!  Studies have even shown that knitting can even keep Alzheimer's at bay!  Who would've thought that this seemingly innocuous craft also moonlights in health, education and wellness?

A growing number of studies and surveys highlight the health benefits of knitting and crochet. A variety of books have been published on the topic. Videos capture personal stories from knitters and crocheters alike who credit the crafts for improving their wellbeing.

Please enjoy the following resources for learning more about how knitting and crochet are positively affecting the health of people around the world

Check out what the Craft Yarn Council has to say . . .